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Dry Eye Spa


Dry eyes are a medical condition that cause discomfort and decrease vision. Blocked glands in the eyes may be the cause of irritation for many. When glands are blocked, tears are unable to flow and coat the eyes, which can be painful and also blur vision. This can be caused by hormonal issues for women over 50, those experiencing Sjogren's syndrome, patients with diabetes, rosacea, or those who have parasitic infestations in the eyelashes. 

Many insurances will help with the cost of dry eye spa sessions as part of your dry eye treatment plan. 

Our assistants are specially certified to provide a experience to you that is soothing, refreshing, and safe. 

Our dry eye spa is a premium, exclusive relaxation treatment designed to provide comfort for dry eyes. 
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I was treated with respect and given peace of mind.
— Iris, patient